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Bambi (1942)  

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Oscar awards/nominations:
1943 - Best Music, Original Song (nomination)
1943 - Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture (nomination)
1943 - Best Sound, Recording (nomination)

This movie has sequence:
Bambi II (2006) (following)

Year: 1942

Genres: Animation / Family

Country: USA

Duration: 70 min.

US box-office: $102.8m

Directed by: David Hand0/2, James Algar0/2, Samuel Armstrong0/2, Graham Heid, Bill Roberts0/2, Paul Satterfield0/2, Norman Wright

Cast: Hardie Albright, Stan Alexander, Bobette Audrey, Peter Behn, Thelma Boardman, Janet Chapman, Jeanne Christy, Dolyn Bramston Cook, Marion Darlington0/2, Tim Davis1/2, Donnie Dunagan, Sam Edwards, Ann Gillis1/2, Otis Harlan0/2, Eddie Holden

249 7.2
Rank: 249     Rating: 7.2
249 7.2

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